NWR Start

The Netherlands Welsh Pony and Cob Studbook has a special section of their studbook entitled the NWR-Sport Pony. This special section (dressage, show jumping, eventing, and driving) will be open to pony’s with minimal 25% Wels blood origin rest only Thoroughbreds or by board decision.

New NWR Pony stallions will be Performance Tested for 32 days on attitude, movement and Provisionally Licensed for breeding before sired .

As in the Main Studbook, DNA typing will be required. Ponies that have no verifiable pedigree will be eligible for registration based on veterinary Inspection and DNA and a fertility check.

The NWR Sport Pony must have freedom in action, questions are,

Are they sound ?

Does it cover ground ?

Does it track behind ?

Is it active ?

We breed the best quality sport pony’s through careful en severe selection. They should excel in all of the traditional Sport Horse disciplines, such as Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Eventing and Competitive Driving. They should prove to be talented and suitable mounts for either children or adults. These ponies are described as possessing, among other attributes, an elegant head and neck, well defined withers, substantial frame, good feet and legs, and a willing disposition. In the Netherlands ( Holland ) this type is commonly achieved through the crossbreeding of breeds as Welsh Part Bred Pony’s, with several Thoroughbred, Arabians, and Anglo Arabian pedigrees.

It is the intension of the NWPCS to encourage and stimulate the breeding and keeping of the NWR sport pony in sport competitions, as well as special classes for these ponies at In-Hand shows around the country.